About - Christopher Nowlan Photography



I am a hobbyist photographer, baritone vocalist, and all-around technical guy based in North Carolina.

As though I needed another interest/hobby, some time ago I became interested in the art of photography. In this especially, I have a favorite disclaimer: I do not at any time claim to know what I am doing. I am constantly learning, and love every moment of it. Lately, my tinkering has taken me far beyond anything I originally imagined. From sharing my point-and-shoot snapshots with a few friends, I am now sharing photographs with people from around the globe. The interest has been truly humbling and has encouraged me to continue learning and honing my skills.

Over time, I have become keenly aware of the magnificent beauty inherent in this world and it’s importance to us as a species. It truly pains me to see my neighbors—absorbed in one matter or another—going about their days often oblivious to this ever-present gift. Here in North Carolina especially, we have such a fantastic range of environments that open their message to the willing recipient and beckon the camera. When I set out on my adventures I usually bring my camera along in hopes of capturing and sharing what it is that I see. Of course, my photography isn’t limited to nature; I do try to branch out with other subjects for fun and to challenge myself.

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